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Maximize profit, grow your business, and free your time to live the life you want. 
These training courses are designed for the beginner to the seasoned professional.
Painting Business Pro
Proven Business Building Systems
Get this proven, field-tested program to start & massively grow a painting business. 
I'll take you step by step to building your painting company, no matter what stage you are currently at with your business. Lets grow together!

Dan Stahl
Integrity Painting Pros

Pleased to see that there was everything that you had promised. Impressed with the layout and professionalism. I was excited to dive in and get started.

I know this isn't going to be easy. It's going to take hard work. That was something that I was extremely happy to discover when I dove into the course. This isn't a get rich quick painting business scheme. This isn't just a course....this is a business plan, knowledge base, strategy and it's up to me to take ACTION!
What is the Painting Business Pro Training?
Phase 1 of building a painting company is all about building a strong marketing system, sales system, and production system to generate a consistent $8,000-$10,000 in revenue per week earning around $2,000-$3,000 a week in profit. 

That's what the Painting Business Pro course provides: the marketing, sales, and production systems necessary to build a strong foundation and get through Phase 1. 

Once you've completed Phase 1, you should be working full time in your business. In order to grow, now you must hire a team.

That’s when you enter Phase 2: Team Building. 

There is a brief introduction into team building in the first course, Painting Business Pro. 

Hiring, training, and developing people - and managing relationships - is not an easy skill to learn. This is an entire course in itself.  That's PBP Growth.

This course can be applied towards anyone you ever hire, train, and manage. It’s an incredibly valuable skill for any entrepreneur. 
How to Methodically Build a Million Dollar Business
It's like a video game. You can't play level 2 until you beat level 1. 
In this game, there are only 2 levels (Phases). 
Painting Business Pro
Phase 1: Build Your Foundation
  • Goal of Phase 1: Generate 10 estimates per week (Marketing), $10,000 in sales per week (Sales), $10,000 in production per week (Production)
  • Mastering Marketing: Learn how to generate 10 estimates per week through marketing. You'll gain access to all of the marketing strategies we use to generate $3,000,000 in annual sales.
  • Mastering Sales: Turning leads into customers. You'll gain access to our sales system that's 10 years in the making including all of our sales scripts and process that we use nationally. How to sell at a premium price that allows for strong business growth and profitability.
  • Mastering Production: How to consistently deliver high quality service to your customers. You'll gain access to every step of our production process including hiring, training, and managing subcontractors, our production process, and more.
  • Admin: Everything you need to know about payroll, accounting, insurance & workers comp, tax forms, and more.
  • Strategy: How to set goals, growth strategy, a step by step plan, time management, and being a good business owner.
  • Start Up: Get a business launch checklist to make sure you are setting up your business properly.
PBP Growth
Phase 2: Build Your Team
  • Goal of Phase 2: Build a team that runs your business and remove yourself from all day to day operations. This includes hiring a production manager, sales reps, and a marketing manager.
  • Hiring: You'll gain access to an entire process on hiring the right people including job postings, interview forms, and employment contracts. 
  • Training: You'll have access to training systems for each key role in your organization including orientation, in the field training outlines, skill breakdowns, and standard operating procedures for each role.
  • Management: Once your team is trained, your job is not done. Gain access to a solid team management system including weekly meetings, team meetings, conference calls, and ongoing training events to develop your team.
  • Business Training: To run a big business, you need to become a great business owner. Learn important principles for organization, empowering your team, dealing with problems and breakdowns, time management, and more.
  • Done-For-You Documentation: All the necessary forms you will need are included in the course. All you need to do is add your logo, and customize them which is outlined in the training videos in the course.

Steven Soto
Steven's Perfect Painting
New York

I started my business in 2012 but I wasn't doing that well and I had no idea why. In the beginning, I started booking more jobs because of the course. It felt like being in random country, and then getting a map. I felt good.

I would recommend this to anybody: get this course. It was honest, it was good, it was realistic.
Painting Business Pro Course: Build the Foundation
Get Access to All of This with PBP
Video Training
  • Access training videos found nowhere else. 
  • Starting Up: How to legally set up your company, step by step. Take the uncertainty out of it.
  • Business Strategy: Learn exactly how you will grow this business. The path is laid out for you, you just have to follow it!
  • Marketing: Learn the exact strategies we used to generate over $3MM in business in 2016. Instantly generate more customers no matter how long you've been in business.
  • Sales: Learn the exact sales process we teach our team to have a high sales rate, and sell a premium priced job. Detailed and professional sales training.
  • Estimating: Learn how to use the estimate forms provided for interior and exterior estimating, how to come up with multiple options, and bidding for healthy profitability. 
  • Production: Learn every step we take to deliver for our customers. See how one production manager oversees over $1MM in business (400+ houses).
  • Intro to Team Building: Basic training on how to begin hiring and training your team once you've completed Phase 1. PBP Growth covers this in more detail.
  • Intro to New Construction &Commercial Painting: How we adjust our estimating, sales, and production systems to take on occasional new construction & commercial jobs.
  • Admin: Basic training on accounting, payroll, liability insurance & workers comp, IRS tax forms for employees, and CRM software.
Systems, Forms, & Scripts
  • Access to done-for-you systems, documents, & files.
  • Starting Up: Business launch checklist for setting up your business properly.
  • Business Strategy: Goal setting forms, customer tracking forms, budgeting forms, and more.
  • Marketing: Door to door scripts, marketer hiring ads, interview forms, and training outlines. Written pay-per-lead strategies & scripts. Flyer templates. 
  • Sales: Initial phone call script for setting estimates, need satisfaction selling process, pre closing scripts, closing scripts, common paint problems and solutions, sales materials, and more.
  • Estimating: Blank estimating forms, estimate form standard formulas, estimate examples with real houses to make sure your in the ball park, and professionally crafted written contracts for interior & exterior.
  • Production: Production management file, customer quality forms, subcontractor agreements, subcontractor hiring ads, onboarding process, customer call scripts, and more.
  • Intro to Team Building: Basic forms for hiring and training your team. 
  • Business System: We have forms and scripts for everything in this business, and all of them are included. Years of work have gone into making all of our forms! Now they're yours.
  • Bonus Resources: Get access to my most used resources including website & SEO referrals, lawn signs, software, and other valuable business trainings.
Have a Look... Get Instant Access to Everything
This course alone will make you thousands of dollars and save you hundreds of hours of systemization and developing forms and scripts. 

Take the guess work out of "am I doing this right" with my proven systems.

Master the fundamentals to running a painting company so you can train others to do the same and produce predictable and scalable results.

Michael Ott
Sandrock Painting Inc

I would highly recommend the course to any ambitious individuals who are willing to follow the system as it is laid out, so that they may create and grow a profitable business while not having to sacrifice time away from family, friends, or whatever else may be important to them.

I now have the ability to duplicate the sales skills that I have learned, so that I may grow my business without limitation.
What Do You Get With PBP Growth?
Painting Business Pro
Building the Foundation
$800 Value
Detailed Training Videos on Team Building
$2000 Value
Team Building 
$5000+ Value
Conference Call Archive for On-the-Go Listening
$1500 Value
Training Videos Included with PBP Growth
  • Hiring, Training, and Managing Sales Reps
  • Hiring, Training, and Managing Production Managers
  • Diagnosing Common Problems
  • Leadership Development
  • Time Management & Whole Life Goal Setting
  • Motivational Content
  • Administrative Changes for Growth
  • Valuable Principles to Follow for Growth
  • How to Run a Powerful 1-on-1 Meeting
  • How to Run a Weekly Team Meeting
  • How to Run an In-Field Training Event
  • Dealing with Breakdowns
This is a blueprint for how to build and run a team.
Documentation Included with PBP Growth
Nearly 2 years and hundreds of hours of work have gone into creating these documents for our business. Now they're yours.
  • Proven & Tested Job Postings, Interview Outlines, Evaluation Forms, & Scripts for Hiring Each Role
  • Detailed & Professional Employment Contracts for Each Role Aligned with Company Objectives
  • Skill Breakdowns for Training Each Role
  • Statistical Tracking & Meeting Prep Forms
  • Training Event Outlines & Prep Forms
  • Year End Performance Review Forms
  • All Forms are Fully Customizable, Including Video Walkthroughs to Help You Customize
Just plug in your company logo, change any necessary details, and you're good to go.

This alone is worth 5x the price tag of PBP Growth.
Also Included with PBP Growth
Conference Call Archives & Real Life Examples
In 2016, I worked with a group of painting business owners on all aspects of their painting businesses. Those conference calls were recorded and saved. 

**Get access to over 15 hours of recorded conference calls **
**Listen on the go**
**Learn from the mistakes of others***

Most lessons have to be learned the hard way. Shortcut learning everything the hard way by learning from other people's mistakes, including mine.

Feedback for the conference calls: business owners loved hearing about the weird little details that don't get covered in the course, but are really valuable.

You'll find things in these calls that you won't find anywhere else.
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    Take A Full 30 Days To Try My Course
    With a Money-Back Guarantee
    I'm incredibly confident in the value of this course and the material in it. I've put a ton of time and effort into making sure this course is fantastic.

    If you aren't 100% satisfied and blown away by the course I've put together, then I understand and you will receive a full refund... No questions asked.

    I'm taking out all the risk for you to try my course. 

    Ready to Get Started?
    Cut the amount of time, stress, and uncertainty out of building your business.
    Short cut your learning curve, stay ahead of your competition, and build a great company. 
    Painting Business pro
    4 Payments of:
    Or 1 Payment of $597 (A 25% Savings)
    Payments are made every 30 days
    • 13+ Hours of Video Training
    • All Forms, Templates, Scripts are Included & Customizable
    • Starting Up & Business Launch Checklist
    • Growth Strategy and Overall Business Plan
    • Personal & Business Goal Setting Sheets
    • How to Get Your First Customer Walk Through
    • Detailed Interior & Exterior Estimating Training
    • Basic Paint Technology & Information for Beginners
    • Marketing Strategies: Everything We Did to Sell $3,000,000
    • Full Sales Process Outline Including Professional Contracts
    • All Sales Scripts from Initial Contact through Closing & Follow Up
    • How to Build Urgency & Convey Professionalism
    • Why People Buy & 6 Elements to Sales
    • Production Training: Exact System to Oversee $1,000,000 in Production
    • Subcontractor Hiring Ads, Interview Outlines, and More
    • Subcontract Written Agreement
    • Admin Training: Taxes, Payroll, CRM, Software, Websites, and More
    • Introduction to Team Building
    • Introduction to New Construction & Commercial Painting
    • Invitation to Join Painting Business Pro Facebook Community
    PBP Growth (Includes painting business pro)
    5 payments oF:
    Or 1 Payment OF $997 (A 33% Savings)
    Payments are made every 30 days
    • Full Access to Painting Business Pro Course PLUS....
    • Phase 2 Team Building Growth Strategy
    • Highly Detailed & Professional Team Building Forms with Video Training
    • Pre-Written Job Posting Ads for Each Role
    • Ideal Candidate Outlines for Each Role
    • Interview Scripts & Evaluation Forms for Each Role
    • Employment Contracts for Each Role
    • Standard Operating Procedures for Each Role
    • Weekly Reporting Templates for Each Role
    • In the Field Training Schedule Outline for Each Role
    • Skill Breakdowns for Each Role
    • How to Run 1-on-1 Meetings
    • How to Run Team Meetings
    • How to Run a Training Event
    • How to Run a Conference Call
    • How to Deal with Breakdowns & Problems with Your Team
    • Administrative Changes You Need to Make as You Grow
    • Leadership Training & Personal Development
    • Over 15 Hours of Conference Call Archives: Audio On the Go
    • Invitation to Join Painting Business Pro Facebook Community

    Austin Cocoli
    Washington DC

    I was told by my friends and family it was going to be a waste of money and not to buy it. For awhile I kept thinking it wasn't worth it. But after watching your videos again and again I decided it was going to be a good buy. Luckily for me it was worth its weight in gold.

    With your course I learned how to start a many businesses outside of the painting industry. For the longest time I didn't think I was going to be able to start a company but PBP helped me every step of the way.
    If I buy Painting Business Pro now, can I upgrade later? 
    Yes for a discounted price of $697

    What course should I get?
    If you can afford PBP Growth, save money and get it all now. 

    Otherwise, start with PBP. Once you master Phase 1, you won't have any trouble affording the upgrade to PBP Growth.

    What if I have questions?
    You'll get your link to join the Facebook group where I am active and respond to questions. I'm also available via email. We got your back.

    What Others Say About Painting Business Pro & PBP Growth
    P.S.What have you got to lose? 
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