How to Identify a Bad Sales System

There are plenty of actions a business owner can take every day to boost business. A common fallback when revenue is low is to increase the amount spent on marketing & lead generation. It makes sense. More advertising should generate more leads, which should lead to more revenue. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, […]

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Painting Business Systems

Painting Business Systems This short video talks about the importance of systems. Main benefits of creating business systems: They can be constantly improved. If you don't have a system to improve, it makes it much more difficult to improve your results. Training employees is very difficult without a system, and very easy with a system. […]

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Painting Business Marketing 101

Marketing Your Painting Business is easy, so this post is going to be short. Step 1: Spend a bunch of money on marketing Step 2: Track your results. Step 3: Decide if you like the results or not. Step 4: If you like the results, do more of it. If you don't like the results, […]

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Grow Your Painting Business - Double Your Revenue Every Year

Grow Your Painting Business Learning how to estimate is important for running a painting business... but what is even more important, is knowing HOW to consistently grow your painting business. I started Foothills Painting in 2010 with my painting business system by knocking on doors and offering free estimates. I did just a few jobs in […]

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Home Advisor Pro Reviews - 2019 - What You Should Know Before Signing Up

A serious focus of any painting business owner, is where to get the next sale. A popular choice for those who are just beginning to look into lead services is Home Advisor Pro. But, in recent years, Home Advisor Pro has caught a lot of attention due to alleged claims of unfair treatment towards their […]

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Get More Painting Business Sales - 3 Strategies

Running a business is difficult. It becomes even more of a challenge as it grows beyond just a few employees working on a referral basis. One of the biggest struggles is how to get more painting business sales to help expand your operation beyond 6-figures through a painting business sales system. Some of the obstacles […]

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Estimate Exterior Paint Jobs - A How to Guide

When you’re just starting out, figuring out how to estimate exterior paint jobs can look very complicated. However, if you talk to a seasoned painter, someone who has been in the business a long time, they’ll tell you how easy it is to estimate exterior paint jobs. Most of them can just look at a house […]

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