Painting Business Systems

Painting Business Systems This short video talks about the importance of systems. Main benefits of creating business systems: They can be constantly improved. If you don't have a system to improve, it makes it much more difficult to improve your results. Training employees is very difficult without a system, and very easy with a system. […]

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Painting Business Marketing 101

Marketing Your Painting Business is easy, so this post is going to be short. Step 1: Spend a bunch of money on marketing Step 2: Track your results. Step 3: Decide if you like the results or not. Step 4: If you like the results, do more of it. If you don't like the results, […]

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Grow Your Painting Business - Double Your Revenue Every Year

Grow Your Painting Business Learning how to estimate is important for running a painting business... but what is even more important, is knowing HOW to consistently grow your painting business. I started Foothills Painting in 2010 with my painting business system by knocking on doors and offering free estimates. I did just a few jobs in […]

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Home Advisor Pro Reviews - 2019 - What You Should Know Before Signing Up

A serious focus of any painting business owner, is where to get the next sale. A popular choice for those who are just beginning to look into lead services is Home Advisor Pro. But, in recent years, Home Advisor Pro has caught a lot of attention due to alleged claims of unfair treatment towards their […]

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Get More Painting Business Sales - 3 Strategies

Running a business is difficult. It becomes even more of a challenge as it grows beyond just a few employees working on a referral basis. One of the biggest struggles is how to get more painting business sales to help expand your operation beyond 6-figures through a painting business sales system. Some of the obstacles […]

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Estimate Exterior Paint Jobs - A How to Guide

When you’re just starting out, figuring out how to estimate exterior paint jobs can look very complicated. However, if you talk to a seasoned painter, someone who has been in the business a long time, they’ll tell you how easy it is to estimate exterior paint jobs. Most of them can just look at a house […]

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Professional Painting Proposal - How to Use One to Boost Your Sales

Creating a professional painting proposal is a simple thing you can do, that will immediately set you apart from some of your competition. This is one of the easiest ways to win more business while putting in about the same amount of effort. These painting proposals are one aspect of having a top-notch painting business […]

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Million Dollar Painting Company - 3 Easy Tips on How to Build it

Million Dollar Painting Company During our time in the painting industry, we've encountered hundreds of business owners that want to know the secrets behind building a million-dollar painting company by growing a painting business. So we decided to sit down and figure out the general business characteristics that made the greatest impact on our ability […]

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Cut Your Workday in Half in 10 Minutes

You can make a few decisions in the next 10 minutes to cut your workday in half. When you do this, you won't make any less money. You will just work less. We are all making a certain amount of money, for a certain amount of time we put in. Our goal is to maximize […]

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[Tyler] How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

Painting costs vary greatly depending a lot of factors: the type of painting that is being done, the materials being used, the current condition of the surfaces being painted, how many coats are needed, etc. >>Click Here to Download Our Exact Estimating Formulas<< I'm going to help simplify it for you. I'm going to give […]

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