Painting Leads: Marketing a Painting Business

There are a lot of options out there for marketing your painting company to get more painting leads and painting customers. Some companies provide an excellent service, and others don't work so well. This is an overview of some services available... but it's just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out […]

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Why Start a Painting Business?

Why Start A Painting Business? In 2010 it was time for me to start my own painting business from scratch. I had just graduated from college after working with another painting company for the last 6 years where I trained other students on all of the aspects of running a painting business. It was a […]

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How to Start a Painting Business From Scratch

Starting A Painting Business Want to learn how to start a painting business without having much money? Before You Keep Reading, Click Here to Get Your Business Startup Checklist Here’s how I got started and how you can do the same: I started my painting company in 2010 with $200, and in 2014 we sold over […]

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Marketing 101: How to Get Painting Customers

There are a lot of marketing services and in this video I review a few of them. This is just a small introduction to marketing and the basics of marketing you painting company. I have a word of caution about marketing. One of the biggest mistakes I see painters making is judging a marketing service […]

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How to Subcontract Work

When you are starting your own painting business, you need consider subcontracting out your work. Subcontracting is just a way to hire a professional painter to work for you. Why do that? Consider the alternative – hiring painters. You can post an ad to find a painter – someone who is looking for employment, for […]

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Be Great at Sales

This is a video from our 2014 Sales & Marketing Training. Every January we hold a sales and marketing training for all of our sales reps – new and old. The purpose of this training is to train and retrain. We make adjustments to our systems every year, and people get rusty. This is a […]

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Production System

Do you want to start your own painting company? Click Here to Get Your Business Startup Checklist Once a customer signs with us, they go into our production form. First, customers need to choose their colors. Once colors are selected, they need to get approval from their Home Owners Association, if they have one. Once […]

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Painting Business Sales 101

Painting Business Sales 101 It always surprises me how little people focus on the sales part of starting a painting business. Everyone is worried about hiring painters, equipment, estimating, and marketing... But sales seems to be the last thing people worry about. If you are starting a painting business from scratch... or you run a […]

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