Cost to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets 2019 – How Much You Should Charge & What to Expect

The national average cost to repaint kitchen cabinets runs anywhere from $1200 to $7000

You can tack on even more when we take into consideration things like paint quality and cabinet design.

If you’re looking for a full price breakdown, keep on reading!

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Cost to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners turn to the kitchen when it comes time for updating their home.

Given that installing brand-new cabinets can reach prices up to $9,000 depending on materials and kitchen size, it makes sense that a repaint can sometimes be the more attractive option (especially for those DIY’ers out there).

However, re-painting kitchen cabinets is an involved process with a LOT of hidden costs and work. This is particularly true for cabinets that are in rough shape.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this cost guide:

  • Kitchen Size and How it Affects Cost to Repaint Cabinets
  • Cabinet Layout & the Impact on Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cabinet Repainting
  • Material Cost

Kitchen Size and How it Affects Cost to Repaint Cabinets

Bigger kitchen means more cabinets. The common pricing model for residential cabinet repaints works on a linear foot basis.

This pricing tends to fall within the $30-$60 per linear foot of cabinetry.

Some businesses also utilize the “per element” pricing model.

These “elements” include:

  • Cabinet box
  • Door
  • Drawer Face
  • Etc.
Cabinet Layout & the Impact on Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Tight angles make painting cabinets a lot more difficult and time consuming because of the detail required for cutting lines and keeping things clean. This issue is escalated on cabinets with double hinge designs.

If you’re looking to add cabinet repaints to your business, then keep in mind that it’s a common practice to bid a little extra time when faced with a kitchen full of tight corners & angles.

For the homeowner looking to get their cabinets repainted, expect complex kitchen layouts to raise the prices a bit. Particularly if cabinet doors need to be removed prior to paint.

How much to paint kitchen cabinets 2019 | PBP

Cabinet Repainting

Truth-be-told, the bulk of the work in kitchen cabinet repaints lies in the prep work. In fact, the majority of time (and labor quoted) comes from the time required to mask, sand, and patch minor repairs that are needed prior to painting.

Residential painters that commonly repaint kitchen cabinets also recommend a primer coat for kitchen cabinets, in addition to two coats of paint after the primer.

If complete removal of kitchen cabinet doors is required, the national average cost to repaint kitchen cabinets ranges from $2,000 to $8,000 with the primary factors for variation being the size of the kitchen, the amount of “detailed” work, and the quality of the paint.

Often, painters will opt for a combination of paint sprayer & roller for the cabinet doors and drawers while reserving brush work for the cabinet boxes.

Material Cost

It goes without saying that paint costs can drastically affect the cost to repaint kitchen cabinets. Variations in quality and brand can add a few hundred dollars to medium-sized jobs.

The quality of the paint needed is dictated by the wear and tear the cabinets will need to withstand. Most professional painting businesses that offer kitchen cabinet repaints should be prepared to consult on the recommended quality & finish.

Customers will want their repaints to last, and you’ll want to mitigate required warranty work by doing the job right the first time.

Extra Considerations When Selling a Cabinet Repaint
  • Be prepared to answer questions: A customer will want to know how long the project will take, just as much as they’ll want to know the cost to repaint kitchen cabinets. Set realistic expectations, but don’t overpromise & underdeliver. Last thing you’ll want is a customer that is livid about the fact that painters have been in their home for 2 days over the quoted timeframe.
  • Be prepared to present past work: Bring high quality photos of cabinet repaints you’ve done in the past. Kitchens are often focal points in a home, and customers want to know they’ll be able to show off their freshly painted cabinets to company. Don’t have experience painting kitchen cabinets? Consider bringing on a sub-contractor that does. Avoid bringing the sub to the estimate, but ask if you can borrow some photos so that you can get him the job.

>> Click here to download our estimating forms, formulas, and guides for residential interior and exterior painting <<

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