Want to Build a Market Leading Painting Company? 

I’m here to provide you with the systems, training, support, environment, and ongoing personal development required to build a truly great company. Watch the video to learn more.

What You Need to Know About the Big Changes Coming This Fall

The foundation of this entire program is the Master Business Plan and the Roadmap.

And in this business, next year doesn’t start in January.

It starts in November and December when you’re planning out your year.

During November and December 2021, I’m rolling out brand new training to ensure that every member has a powerful foundation for 2022.

What we’re going to be covering:

#1 - Creating Your Master Business Plan

We will be making a lot of updates to the current version of the Master Business Plan to make it easier to fill out, easier to follow, and more aligned with the goals of this program.

We will be holding brand new training webinars to show you exactly how to build your MBP Plan and your Roadmap for 2022.

We’ll be following up with you to ensure that we have a copy on file so we can have a foundation for support in 2022.

Everything is built on your plan.

Without a plan you aren’t building a business.

#2 - Building Your Roadmap

This Roadmap is going to be ever-evolving as we continue to build this program and get feedback from members.

The Roadmap is going to be included in the Master Business Plan to keep things simple and provide you clear direction as you build your business over the coming years.

#3 - Personal Training and Development

This is training that I have never included in the Painting Business Pro program before…

Because it was too valuable to include in the old version of the program.

There are a series of trainings we are going to go through in November and December that create a necessary foundation for you as a business owner.

This includes:

  • How to live an aligned life… Aligned with all of your life commitments while you build your business… No sacrificing things that matter to you.
  • Creating a powerful foundation for all future personal and professional development. 
  • New and unique ways to think and engage in building your business that are required to build a truly great company.

Overview of the Painting Business Pro Training Program

Let’s do a quick recap of everything I covered in the video… This is all about the PBP Training Program in the simplest terms possible.

Build a Truly Great Company

There’s no shortage of mediocre painting companies out there and this program is not for people who are out to build a mediocre company.

This is a program designed for people who want to build a great and inspiring company.
So what are we saying defines a great company? Here’s a simplified version…

Your Employees

They earn way above the industry average for their position.

They enjoy a great work life balance - they are not overworked.

They love the people they work with and there is a real culture at their job.

They have opportunities to grow and advance in the company.

There is a career path for them.

They are provided with the training, development and support needed to succeed in their role and to build the career and life they dream of.

Your Customers

Every single client is taken care of, no matter the circumstances.

They have an experience that stands out from the rest of the contracting world.

This happens reliably, at scale, every time.

Your Subcontractors

They make great money working with your company.

They are provided for, taken care of, treated with the utmost respect.

They’re a part of the family.

They become better at what they do because they work with you: they make more money, deliver a better job to clients, and become a better boss to their employees.

Your Community

The business makes a real impact on the community. It’s a part of the community.

There is an ever growing network of relationships you’re building in your community.

The Business

There is a solid business plan and strategy in place.

The financials are healthy and completely up to date and tracked.

The business operates like a well oiled machine. It’s predictable.

Profit margins stay around 20% net.

The business has a strong online reputation.

Growth is 30% or more every year until the company reaches $2M per year.

What is the result of building this kind of company?

  • Financial success. This kind of company hits big numbers and earns significant profit for the owner. Welcome to the top 1% of earners.
  • Freedom. When you have the necessary systems in your business to produce these results and a team who is empowered, you have created a business that provides you with freedom.

Your new job is about empowering people and making things better. Your new role as the CEO of your company is less about the time you put in, and more about your effectiveness. 

  • Foundation for Future Growth & Success. Once a business is built like this, it can only get better. This is a platform and a new place to build and create from.
  • Finding New Purpose. When you started your business it was to achieve financial freedom and freedom of your time. You have that now.

Your purpose for your business has been fulfilled. There comes a time when a new purpose needs to be created - and wants to be created.

Living with purpose will enliven you and create ongoing success in your business and other endeavors.

  • Fulfillment. Seeing what you have built and what it provides to people will provide you a deep sense of fulfillment… More than money ever will.
  • Confidence. You’ll gain the kind of confidence that can only be earned by real results and success. You’ll have a newfound confidence in who you are, what you have accomplished, and what is possible for the future.

You’ll be on a new journey to discover what’s possible and what you’re capable of. 

What It Takes to Build a Great Company (It’s Not Easy)

To build this kind of company and realize these results, you are going to need to become a powerful leader and business person.

These are 2 skills that are far from easy to master… Especially in a world with so much noise and distraction.

As a member in this program, here’s what is required of you to realize these results.

#1 - Commitment to Your Training and Development

Your ability to master the skills needed to build a great company and to become a great leader is not based on how long you are in business.

Developing yourself is about the focused time you dedicate to learning and developing yourself.

It’s about intention.

I can provide you with all of the training you need to build this kind of company and become this kind of leader.

But your own commitment to developing yourself is the X Factor.

This means you will need to make learning a priority.

This might sound easy and obvious, but in today’s world there are endless distractions and there is always more to do.

Learning is easily sacrificed… Or you lack focus by trying to learn in too many directions at once and lack the depth needed to truly develop yourself.

#2 - Humility and Coachability

In my experience being a coach to business owners for 17 years, most people think they are humble and coachable.

Many are not.

One of the biggest challenges we are up against as leaders is ourselves - our own cognitive dissonance, our own blind spots, and our own fundamental human biases that limit what we see and don’t see.

This is why a coach is so critical.

#3 - Patience

Building a great company takes time.

When we get impatient and try to do too much at once, don’t do things right the first time, try to rush, try to take shortcuts…

These are all a function of impatience and they all backfire and slow down growth.
This process takes at least a few years.

Is it worth 3-4 years to create this kind of business and platform for you to build your entire future on?

We think so. But being patient and trusting the process is important (and also hard in this world of endless distractions and FOMO).

#4 - Self Generative

What we aren’t going to do in this program is babysit you or micromanage you.
We will provide the environment, the structure, the training, the support, the ongoing improvements…

We will provide everything you need.

But you have to generate yourself.

What’s the Roadmap?

This will be a part of your Master Business Plan (the series of spreadsheets that organize your business for the year).

The Roadmap is what keeps you on track with what you need to be focused on.
We’ll focus on building this business in 2 phases.

Phase 1 is building the foundation which includes…

  • Business planning and strategy
  • Estimating and pricing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Tech stack and admin

Phase 2 is building your team.

At some point during Phase 1 you’ll get to a point where you can’t do it all yourself without building a team and starting to hire help.

But before you do that, it’s important that you have created a strong foundation.

We’ll provide you with specific measures and milestones to “Check Off” for each aspect of Phase 1.

For example, you should be earning a 50% gross profit margin on your jobs before you hire anyone for your team.

This Roadmap is the step by step items you need to check off in your business before moving onto the next step… With the measures and benchmarks we recommend you are hitting before moving on.

This is your Roadmap to Building a Great Company.

You’ll use all other aspects of the membership to support you in hitting those benchmarks and developing your skills.

How Does the Program Work?

The very first step is building your Master Business Plan and Roadmap. These are provided to you with training to get them set up.

Your Master Business Plan is where you set your marketing, sales, production, and financial goals and keep them updated.
Your Roadmap is the big picture step by step plan to build this company.
Using these 2 tools, you’ll know what parts of your business you need to work on.

  • Any of the targets you are not hitting in your Master Business Plan (missing marketing targets for example, you would want to work on developing your marketing ability)
  • Any benchmarks on the Roadmap that you haven’t achieved yet.

Once you know WHAT you need to work on, we have a handful of tools and resources to support you in building the skills you need quickly.

#1 - Training Videos

For everything you need to learn to build this company, we have training videos that cover everything you need to know.

Need to improve sales? Head over to the sales section in the members area where you’ll find all the sales training you need to achieve your sales goals.

This is always the first place to start, and in many cases the training videos will give you everything you need to hit your goals.

#2 - Standard Operating Procedures

One of the most time consuming tasks when building your business is writing your systems and procedures.

Documented systems and procedures (Standard Operating Procedures) is critical for building your team, training new team members, and maintaining the quality and integrity of your business once you start to grow.

For every aspect of your business, the Master Business Plan, and the Roadmap, we have created and provide you with the documentation.

All of these forms are yours to immediately implement into your business and can be edited.

#3 - Live Webinars

We have 4 live coaching webinars every month.

This is where you can get the extra support you need to hit your goals on your business plan, develop your skills, and hit the benchmarks on your Roadmap.

First, you should always watch the training videos we have already provided. We dont’ do these webinars to repeat training we have already provided.

These webinars are to help you if you are still stuck after going through the training videos.
This is incredibly valuable for you because you’ll have the support you need to get over any hurdles or challenges you’re running into.

And it’s incredibly valuable for us because it tells us where we need to fill in holes or gaps in our training videos to continue to make this program better.

#4 - Ongoing Course Updates

Based on member feedback, we are making ongoing course updates.

Over the next year we’ll be making significant changes and updates to ALL training material from top to bottom.

As the training gets built out, we’ll continue to fill in any gaps based on feedback on Live Webinars and where people are getting stuck in their Roadmap.

#5 - Community

We have a Members Only Facebook group where you can get additional help and support.
We post live videos, stream additional content, and engage with our membership. This is where our community is built and where we can all stay connected on this journey.

This will be an incredibly powerful community of business leaders who are building truly great companies… Business owners who are humble and committed to developing themselves.

We’re in this together and want to make this a unique and inspiring community.
We hope you’ll be a part of it.

What’s the Price?

Right now the price is $4000 per year. There is a payment plan available. When you sign up, you’ll lock in your annual price even when the price goes up.

If you use the payment plan, you’ll get access to the full program when you make your first payment.

Common Questions

What if I’m just starting up?
We have an additional section in the course for new startups. It’s only a startup until the first job is done. Then you’re in business like anyone else… Once you have the business set up and established, get your first lead, sell your first job, hire your first contractor, and complete your first job… Now you just do that over and over again. That’s the over-simplified version. But yes, we have training included for getting started.

What if I can’t afford this program?
We have a ton of free content and information available online to help you with your business. Utilize the resources we have available to improve your business until you can save up to afford the program.

You can expect to see a return on your investment quickly if you apply the training.

Does it cover _____?
I get questions all the time from people asking if the training covers this or that. My answer is: I know how to build a $2M company and a great company - the one I’ve talked about on this page.

I have covered everything that is needed. So maybe what is being asked isn’t actually important, or we did cover it, or we covered it but in a different way.

We also have live webinars for anything not covered and will continue building additional training to fill gaps.

If you want to know if something specific is included in the program, contact me.
And if you have other questions just contact me here.

About Me

I’m Eric Barstow, and over the last 15+ years I’ve coached thousands of painters and painting contractors to start and grow successful painting companies.

Unlike a lot of coaches, I practice what I preach and I’m actively operating painting companies at National Painting Group.

… Where we own and operate 4 painting companies that did over $5.8 million dollars in revenue in 2019 (and are on pace for over $8 million in 2020).

I’m 33 years old and live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife Josephine, 5 month old daughter Isabella, and my dog Decker.

And some people would consider me obsessed with business. 

Because business provides an incredible opportunity… The opportunity to control your time, control your finances, provide for your family, and live an amazing life.

And I do love business, but my life isn’t all business.

Business is a vehicle to PROVIDE a great life.

But too many business owners are RUN BY their business… instead of RUNNING their business.

That’s where I come in...

1730 S College Ave
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