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Meet Vidal. He is 22 years old and lives in South Carolina. Like you, he found me online and was thinking about starting a painting business. Also like you, he had no clue how to start earning profit as a painting business owner. However, he bought my course, Painting Business Pro, July 31, 2014.

Then on October 17, 2014, I received this email:

“Hey Eric it’s Vidal. I bought your course awhile back. I finally got my company going and I got 21 leads this week and I’m booking 9 jobs. I had no idea I could produce that much. Thank very much my bro and I am very grateful for helping us out. You the man!”

And of course, I had some questions for him! I always want to know what makes people successful…

Here’s How That Conversation Went…

How did you get your first 21 leads?

We did door to door. What I would do is drink two red bulls before I knocked at doors to be hyped up because I was really nervous thinking people could get mad for knocking at their door, but they were very nice and did need painting done.

How many estimates did you do from those 21 leads?

I estimated 16 houses, booking 9. I’m bummed out I wanted to book the 16.

**Eric: He’s crazy to be bummed about 9/16!!!

How much total sales did you get from those 9 jobs?

Rounding 35k!!! Now I need a sub contractor. I want to see how I handle these 9 bookings to get use to it. But to finish all 9 I might be done by Thanksgiving, then in January I’m going to be ready to market again all year.

Were there any big challenges you ran into?

My big challenge was to leave my comfort zone and to start marketing.

Another problem would be the age I am. I’m only 22 and a lot of my relatives look at me like I don’t know much. Also trying to set up insurance, many people thought I was joking thinking it wouldn’t work. So instead I told my mom to help me out with the steps to start up the business.

What was most helpful about the course?

The course and everything was a huge help. Every word you spoke I paid attention. I really like the sales and marketing systems you show. It was a big help like talking with the customers and doing that trick (if you book with us today I can save you some money) and the contract you gave is legit. Home owners really like that you mean business being organized. I’m really proud of the brand we created.

What I really want is to make a living with something I really enjoy doing. I do not want to go back to landscaping again, it sucks lol.

All of my relatives are shocked because they always looked at me like some low life. And I did it thank you, could not be here without you and your course, but it’s not over yet gotta keep repeating your system over and over to grow a new business.

I had no idea I could do it.

This is one of the many people I know who have started their own painting companies very successfully this year after getting my course.

Are you thinking about starting a painting business but not ready to pull the trigger? I’m happy to help you figure out if the painting business is right for you… Just respond to this email and I’ll answer any questions you have.

“I had no idea I could do it…”

Once you are ready to start a painting company, my best advice is to get my course… If you’ve enjoyed my YouTube videos and emails, you will love the course. I go into a lot more depth about every aspect of the business. Of course I’m not going to give away all of my company secrets on YouTube for free….

I don’t give this information away for free because it’s way too valuable. In fact, I’m not even charging enough for it. I’ve already raised the price once, and I plan on doing it again.

Why would I raise the price? Why is this so valuable?

Because my course teaches you EXACTLY how we run our business… Not just that though. When you get the course, you also get all of our forms and files that we use for Foothills Painting (hundreds of hours of work have gone into making all of our forms and scripts).

You get a copy of our contract that we use. You’ll get the exact estimating forms we use to come up with our exact prices. AND we’ll give you all of our sales scripts – exactly the scripts we use to talk to our customers. And the list goes on and on…

… And in the course, I teach you how to use every single one of those forms.

Literally, every file that is in my “Foothills Painting” folder on my computer, is in the course… and in the course I explain every one of those files and how to use them to run the entire business from start to finish.

It even covers how to grow your company once you are up and running.

You might wonder why I would put that information out there… Let me tell you why I have given full access to this information… full disclosure:

  1. I make money from selling the course. I also get to learn a lot about running an online business, which is important to me because I want to start lots of companies.
  2. I’m not afraid of competition and giving away my secrets. I’ve helped some of my best friends start this same business right across the street from me, yet our company continues to grow every year.
  3. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with people. I have had a lot of great opportunities in life, and I like to pay it forward.
  4. I LOVE getting emails like the one from Vidal… someone who went from a landscaping job he hates, to a business he loves, a business he is proud of, and can create the lifestyle he wants. That is more fulfilling for me than any other part.
  5. I’m a big believer in this: The more good you put out, the more good you will receive.

So… if you are serious about starting a business, your first step is to get the course here.

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