Painter Choice

How Painter Choice Started…

Two years ago one of my best friends put together the website for Painter Choice. He was going to start a lead business and I ended up being his first customer.

I was running Foothills Painting. Every marketing person who called me, I tried their service. I spent money on all kinds of marketing services, but rarely did I get much back from them.

So I start getting leads from Painter Choice. The first 2 leads I get I book both jobs – full exterior jobs. Another friend of mine had the same deal going in another city, and he also booked the first 2 leads for over $7,000.

The leads were better than any of the other services I used. I thought he had something special so a year later we went out to dinner and decided to be business partners.

In March 2013 we started Painter Choice. We were giving leads away for free to our friends in Denver and getting feedback. It took us 3 months and a lot of money before we finally started getting really good quality leads.

We just couldn’t sleep at night selling more shitty leads to painting contractors. We got such raving reviews from our friends in Colorado. They were closing jobs left and right and we were out performing our biggest competitors.

So we started to move to other cities… we opened Seattle, Phoenix, and a few others over the summer in 2013. All of the feedback was consistently the same…

Everyone was getting ahold of our leads… Our leads were the best.

I started as a customer and now I’m a co-owner of Painter Choice and we’re so excited to deliver a quality lead service to quality painting companies across the country.

We plan on continuing to improve the quality of the leads, the service for the customers, and the tools and resources available to our painting contractors.