Painting Business Sales 101

It always surprises me how little people focus on the sales part of starting a painting business. Everyone is worried about hiring painters, equipment, estimating, and marketing… But sales seems to be the last thing people worry about.

If you are starting a painting business… or you run a painting company already, sales is the most important thing for you to master. Here’s why:

You can charge higher prices if you are good at sales.

You can hire better painters when you charge higher prices.

You can make more money when you charge higher prices.

You can utilize more marketing opportunities when you are better at sales. If you suck at sales, some marketing won’t be in your budget because you aren’t good enough at sales to make it work.

You can get more work when you are good at sales.

You can hire and train sales reps for your painting company if you are good at sales. You can’t do this if you suck at sales.

Nothing happens in your painting business until a job gets sold. Nothing. You could be the best marketer in the world – with tons of leads coming in. You could have the painting best crews in all the land. But none of that will matter if you can’t sell the job. But if you can sell the job, you can always find good painters, you can always find good marketing, everything else works out.

The good news: 95% of painting companies suck at sales. It’s not hard to be better than the rest of them out there.

Here are a few ways to be better:

  1. Show up on time.
  2. Call when you say you are going to call.
  3. Be detailed.
  4. Educate your customer on what their options are..
  5. Give them what is best for them, not what is best for you.
  6. Put your customer first.
  7. Provide a detailed and written estimate, at the time of the estimate.
  8. Give them options.
  9. Provide references, pictures, and a basic company binder for them to look thru.

Leave me a comment – What are some other ways to set yourself apart? Because it’s not all about price.


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  1. Jon | March 6, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    1) I suck at sales its like I clam up amf get nervous and forget what to say at times.
    2) i moved to florida and started my buisness well its not like working in Illinois down here there are a ton of painters and they do it so cheap . I’m talking about I don’t see how they get by only thing I came up with by talking to other painters is .they hire all these imagrants that cant speak english and hire a handfull of them pay them $10 hour and get a job done in half a day so theu can paint 2 extetiors in a day almost so then that’s how the company makes enuff for them selves but they are charging $700-$800 single level home and 2 coating it they say wich i can tell they don’t and they use cheap paint i use sherwin williams super paint I love it but its exspensive. But the paint is great anf comes with warranty sherwin williams backs me on that
    3) how do I break it down to a possible client when bidding a job how things work why is it goin to cost what I charge why should they go with me instead of these other companys . Up north I was in the union and got paid great. Here they just don’t wanna pay you cause there so many people doin it . I need help explaining in detail and pin pointing out things what’s wrong with there stuff to let them know I no whatbim talking about . Wich I do but i have a problem remembering the stuff I need to explain to them in detail like here its all knockdown so its hard to make that line look great do to the fact o how the knockdown is. Its higher in some places so when you stand in one area it looks great but from another area of room looks like i screwd my line up. I need help in sales and i wanna buy 4×6 or 4.5 x7 sticky notes with my buisness on it and what all i do and my number but i cant find anyone to do them except one place and they want like $400 for 3-400 of them and there not colored and shiny and fancy with a picture of a beautifull home please help me thanks

    • Eric | March 14, 2016 at 11:48 am

      Hey Jon,

      You need to have a great sales process first. I would review all of my free info on great sales. But I’d also recommend getting my course. Your sales process is everything. I have guys on my team that went 0-16 estimates and then made a few changes and started selling 50% of their estimates. So it’s not all about price – it’s about your sales process.

      I have tons of that training available, and all of it in the course.

      It could be a lot of different things you’re doing. Not building enough rapport, setting up a poor quality estimate, not providing solutions appropriately, not pre-closing and setting up the sale, your close, or many other things. I can’t diagnose it for you unfortunately.

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