Win bigger jobs.
Create more freedom.
Build your commercial business.

Join this exclusive hands-on coaching program.
Application required. Limited to 8 spots.

Matt made $300K in net profit in 1 year with only 7 customers. We'll show you how.

These are all projects our students won in their first 6 months.

Ben Landusky: Condo Complex

$308,000 Job
$180,000 Profit
Took 8 Weeks

Tom Iwema: Country Club

$45,000 Job
$15,000 Profit

Gilbert Chen: Residential Townhome Community

$440,774 Job

Matt Bopp: Commercial Office Building

$31,000 Job
$14,000 Profit
1 Week to Complete

The PBP Commercial Painting Program is a 1 Year Coaching Program Including Access To:

Industry leading business training from industry veterans

Strategy & Market Segmentation:

We’ll break down the entire commercial landscape so you can identify where the great opportunities are and where the risks are. Then you can stay focused on the jobs and customers that are highly profitable, low risk, and abundant.

Marketing & Getting Leads:

Once you know who your customers are, we’ll show you exactly how to reach them, how to get in front of them, and how to start generating opportunities to bid on commercial projects.


Detailed estimating spreadsheets and training to estimate correctly, accurately, and consistently every time. Win jobs without leaving money on the table or dropping your price “to win the job”.

Commercial Sales:

Learn how to win large commercial bids without competing on price or leaving money on the table. Plus, we’ll teach you how to screen jobs to avoid risks or people wasting your time.

Customers That Keep On Giving:

We’ll teach you how to land customers who have a never-ending pipeline of jobs. Once you’ve built a strong relationship, many of your customers stop even shopping your bid and just hand you the work.


Once you have your foot in the door with the right customers, they’ll make introductions to your next customers.

Project Management:

Delivering an exceptional experience is how you keep the work coming, and expand your network of customers. There are a lot more details to consider, and we’ll teach you how to make sure every project goes off seamlessly, every time.

Systems, Processes, and “Done For You” Operating Procedures

Over 75 systems and processes have already been written, scripted, documented, and are provided to you.
Save years of learning these processes through trial and error. That’s already been done for you.
Save hundreds of hours writing them yourself. Download and start using them immediately.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Every week, get answers to your most pressing questions and challenges while building your commercial business.
Join these webinars to learn from your fellow members to avoid future problems.
You’ll have all of the support you need from an industry veteran who has seen it all and coached hundreds of commercial painting contractors.

Plus These Bonuses:


Exclusive Mastermind Group

[$2500 Value]

Strategic Planning

Marketing and Sales Implementation: Start Getting Leads

Group Accountability Calls


The Commercial Blueprint Estimating Course

[$1500 Value]

We’ve partnered with Greg Miller who has trained hundreds of contractors to bid jobs from blueprints.

His 8 week training course is included so you can learn how to estimate from blueprints or use this course to teach your team members.


2 1on1 Coaching Calls with Scott Lollar

[$650 Value]

Normally Scott charges $325 per hour for his consulting services. As a part of your membership, you’ll get 2 on-demand coaching calls at any time to help land a big project or anything else you need.

What We Promise

You’ll land your first $100,000 in commercial projects.
More importantly… You’ll land your first relationships with clients who have a never ending pipeline of jobs.
The mystery of commercial painting will be gone, and you’ll know exactly how to build your commercial business.
You’ll be set up for the future of your company and what you learn will stick with you forever.

Who is this for?

This program is for ambitious painting contractors who see the enormous opportunity in commercial painting.
You have a healthy foundation in your residential business with consistent work, crews, and cash flow.
You are not ‘on the job’ or doing the painting anymore - you’re able to focus your time on building the business.
If you land large projects, you have the manpower to do those jobs.
You are committed to doing what it takes to build this business. There are no shortcuts.

Application Required

This program is application only.

Limited to 8 spots.

We launch a new group every 1-2 months.

Meet your coaches:
Eric Barstow & Scott Lollar

Eric Barstow

I’ve been coaching painting contractors for 17 Years
I’ve worked with hundreds of people 1on1, thousands in my programs, and tens of thousands through my free content
I currently operate 7 painting companies with over $15,000,000 in annual revenue
My companies range from startups that are 6 months old to $7M+ per year at our flagship location
I teach people how to build a wildly successful business while keeping a thriving personal life - no sacrifice required!
I practice what I preach and don’t work more than 35 hours per week across all of my companies, and I’ll teach you how to do the same
This is why our program has limited spots - because my time, and my team’s time is limited

Scott Lollar

Scott has over 30+ years of experience in the commercial painting industry
He’s general managed and run 2 multi-million dollar commercial painting companies
For the last 5 years, he’s been a coach and consultant to commercial painting contractors doing over $750,000 per year and up

Win commercial projects like these

Nick Okeefe: Shopping Center Crosswalks

$30,000 Job

Tai Aracen: Disney World

Won the Maintenance Contract

Evan Kieser: Merchandise Showroom

$6,500 Job

Chad Smith: 6 Story Hotel

7 Location job booked under a single contract

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