Exclusive SEO Services for Painting Business Pro Members
With Guaranteed Results & Ranking

SEO is the best marketing investment at all of our painting companies… nothing gets us a better return. For people who qualify, we’ll guarantee you results.

The Problem: SEO is a Crapshoot

Broken promises, wasted money, time and energy down the drain… and no results to show for it.
It’s incredibly hard to find reliable SEO service providers.
Even worse, you never know if you have someone “good” until you’ve invested 12 months of your time and money with them… and you can see for yourself whether or not they’re getting results.
Then they blame the customer when they don’t get results saying “you weren’t patient enough” or some other excuse.
Unfortunately, most SEO providers don’t get good results.

Meet Darren: My SEO Guy!

He started as a Painting Business Pro member and turned into an SEO expert. I was his first customer and have worked with him for 7-8 years now. He’s an amazing person, really good at what he does, and I can’t say enough good things about the guy.
He has done all of my website & SEO since 2016 at all of our companies and he delivers results every single time.He has done all of my website & SEO since 2016 at all of our companies and he delivers results every single time.
For Darren, ranking at the top with SEO is like adding muscle for a bodybuilder… They know how to get results reliably, every single time.
This is no mystery to him. He understands SEO inside and out, he’s in all of the SEO mastermind groups, networks, and stays educated with all of the cutting edge stuff.
I never publicly shared his information because he was booked. Once in a while I played connector for him.
But now he’s ready to bring on more customers, and wants to work exclusively with PBP Members.

Darren Does “Custom” SEO

Which means he’s not doing a boilerplate approach to SEO. That doesn’t work when you are trying to rank in the top positions.
At the top positions, it’s competitive. He’s looking at all of the core SEO metrics for your company and your competitors and competing with their SEO guys.
It’s ongoing work to “stay” at the top once you get to the top, and it’s different in every market baked on the competition and their own SEO strategy.
This is how he has kept Foothills ranked at #1 in our market for the last 5 years.

The Guaranteed Results

You will get ranked in the top 3 search results on Google Maps for your primary keyword within 6 months. If that doesn’t happen, we will either:
Continue to work for free until you get the promised result, OR
Get a complete refund of everything you’ve paid in full.
If we don’t think we can deliver results to you, we’ll refund you. If we haven’t delivered results yet but we know we are going to, you won’t pay any more until we do.
We’ve found that Google Maps is where we see the most leads come from. And, it’s a lot faster and easier to get ranked on Maps than in the Organic Search Results.
Everything will be laid out in a written agreement.

The Requirements

This offer is only available for Painting Business Pro Members who Darren knows he can make this guarantee for and deliver results for. We aren’t going to work with people unless we know we’re going to deliver results.

Here are the requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for his services and this offer:
Your Painting Company must have a visible GMB (Google My Business Profile) with a physical address. No service area GMBs will be accepted.
You must give access to the GMB to our team.
You must be actively working to get Google Reviews.
You must be actively uploading new photos to your GMB.
You must have a Wordpress site or be willing to transition to a Wordpress site.
You must be willing to give our team access to the Wordpress site, so he can post relevant content to it.
You must have a specific city or town that you want to rank. He can get you ranked for a city or town, but not a specific area.
You need to have your business set up on Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, Houzz etc. If not, you must be willing to let us add your information to these directories.
You must be in an area with a population of 300,000 or less. We can rank you in areas with more people. But, it takes more time, and so the guarantee timeline will be lengthened. This refers to the actual city that your Google My Business listing is located in.
Everything listed above is necessary for you to do with any SEO company that you work with. These are deal breakers for SEO and ranking at the top.

If you’re not sure about some of these items, you can apply and we will confirm on your qualification call.

Results Expectations

The best expectation to have coming into this is: no results for 6 months, then you’ll see results.
In reality, you’ll probably see some results sooner than that. Once you get ranked in the top 3 in maps, you’ll start getting leads consistently.
From there, Darren will keep doing his work. This is not the “end” of his work, it’s just the guarantee we are making.
He’ll start targeting additional keywords and terms specific to your market and ranking those terms in organic and maps.
Over time your results will increase, and so will the number of leads you get each month.

What You Need to Do

Darren and his team will do as much of the work as possible to get you ranked. However, they’re still going to need some help from you.
You’ll need to actively work to get Google Reviews.
You’ll need to actively upload new photos to your GMB (Google My Business Profile.)
You’ll need to be available if they have any questions or need approval on any of the work they are doing for you.

The Waitlist: What Happens After You Apply

Because we’re making a guarantee of results, we aren’t going to work with more people than we can handle at a time. Darren wants to ensure he’s delivering results and not overextending himself.
He can only bring on a few new people per month and we have 200+ members who all need reliable SEO services. He’s actively working on being able to handle more customers, but these things take time.
There will be a waitlist. Here’s how it works…
We’ll set up a quick qualification call to confirm you qualify for his services.
We’ll place you on the waitlist.
When a spot opens up, we’ll offer the next spot to the next person on the waitlist.
You get started. If you pass or aren’t ready to get started, you go to the end of the waitlist.
While you wait, I recommend using TownSquare Interactive to get you a solid foundation. They will get you to page 2 or maybe even bottom of page 1 for a fairly cheap price. They have a boilerplate approach… so it won’t get you to the top, but it’ll get you pretty far for a lot less money and give you a headstart for the work Darren will do on your site.

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