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Once a customer signs with us, they go into our production form. First, customers need to choose their colors. Once colors are selected, they need to get approval from their Home Owners Association, if they have one. Once they have colors chosen and approved, they are ready to schedule. We select a tentative start date for the customer.

We follow up with them until it is time to get the house painted. We assign the job to a sub-contractor and send them out to start the job. Sub-contractors collect the final payment, and then we pay them in full upon completion of the job.

We keep all of our clients in one excel sheet to be sure we are keeping in good communication with them at all times.

At the end of each month, we confirm that we collected the correct amounts from our customers and that we paid our contractors 50% of the job. We account for any losses at that time. We consider a loss anytime we don’t collect the full payment, or we pay more than 50% to the contractor.


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