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Want to learn how my production manager oversees 400 houses a year? Or how our sales team sells 40% of their estimates at a premium price? Or get access to our contract proposals and estimating forms? Or exactly how I started my painting company with only $200 initial start up money? These are just a few things you’ll get when you sign up for updates.

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Painting Business Pro is our flagship course that teaches you how to start a profitable painting business, and teaches you the systems and structure for how a $1,000,000 painting company works. This is great for anyone who runs a painting business, or anyone who is serious about starting a painting business. Learn more about Painting Business Pro, click here.

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Once you have mastered the basic foundation of the painting business, you eventually need to start building a team. This is a huge hurdle and challenge for many business owners everywhere. For the last 12 years I’ve hired and trained hundreds of employees for my own businesses. Team building is what I’m best at. In this course, I walk you step by step to building your team including production managers, sales reps, and marketing managers. Get access to all of our job postings, hiring forms, employment contracts, training programs, and more. Click here to learn more.

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I’m Eric Barstow, creator of Painting Business Pro, founder of National Painting Group & Foothills Painting, Co-Owner of Painter Choice. I’m disrupting the painting industry, and helping thousands of painters start or improve their businesses. I love what I do!

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