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I want to help people create an amazing business that provides the lifestyle you want for you and your family. See how others have used the Painting Business Pro course to do just that.

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Individual Success Stories


Dan Stahl
Tecumseh, MI
Started a Business

“Impressed with the layout and professionalism. I was excited to dive in and get started.”

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Vidal Martinez
Charleston, SC
Started a Business

“I started my business in October and booked $35,000 in the first week.”

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Steven Soto
New York City, New York
Already Owned a Business

“I started booking more jobs because of the course.”

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Rich Bardy
Wappinger Falls, New York
Already Owned a Business

“After I got the course, I almost quadrupled my sales.”

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Michael Ott
Avon Lake, OH
Started a Business

“I now have the ability to duplicate the sales skills that I have learned, so that I may grow my business without limitation.”

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Austin C
Washington, D.C.
Started a Business

“I was just blown away with all the information and forms you gave us. It was ALL THERE!”

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Pamela Schiavone
Raleigh, NC
Started a Business

“I was concerned that the ‘good’ information would be held back. This was not the case at all.”

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