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Austin C

Austin C

Started A Business

"I was just blown away with all the information and forms you gave us. It was ALL THERE!"

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Austin C/Stern Painter/Washington, D.C.

When did you get the course?

I got the course back in November of 2014

What were you doing before you got Painting Business Pro?

I worked for a roofing company. I was a sales person working many hours attempting to close sales with out much luck.

Did you start a painting business? Or did you already have a painting business?

I’m currently within the process of starting my first painting job.

How did you find Painting Business Pro?

I think youtube is the best way to gather information nowadays so I simply youtubed “how to start a painting company”

Why did you get the course?

I saw all the information you gave to everyone on youtube and it that left me wanting more! So I decided to buy it.

Any concerns you had about the course before getting it?

YES! Many. I was told by my friends and family it was going to be a waste of money and no to buy it. For awhile I kept thinking it wasn’t worth it. But after I read the E-Myth (A book you recommended) and watching your videos again and again I decided it was going to be a good buy. Luckily for me it was worth its weight in gold.

What was your first impression when you got the course?

I was just blown away with all the information and forms you gave us. It was ALL THERE! Everything I need to change my life and pursue my dream of owning a company was all there! I thought I now know what to do and it’s now the time to do it.

What have you accomplished since getting the course?

Well soon after I got the course I ended up in a severe car accident which unfortunately stifled my attempts at start my dream business. But recently after recovering I hit the pavement and got my first job. I was beyond joyed when I got the deposit!

What is now possible or available for you?

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. With your course I learned how to start a many businesses outside of the painting industry. For the longest time I didn’t think I was going to be able to start a company but PBP helped me every step of the way.

Would you recommend PBP and why?

I don’t just recommend it to my friends I dam near force them to at least to take a look at what it may offer. I highly recommend it to people around my age (18-25). For the longest time I felt like I was in a haze not knowing what I wanted to do or how to do it but after I found PBP it all changed. Thank you Eric.