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Dan Stahl

Dan Stahl

Started A Business

"Impressed with the layout and professionalism. I was excited to dive in and get started."

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Dan Stahl/Integrity Painting Pros LLC/Tecumseh, MI

When did you get the course?

February 2016

What were you doing before you got Painting Business Pro?

I worked in a family manufacturing business.

Did you start a painting business? Or did you already have a painting business?

I started a painting business.

How did you find Painting Business Pro?

I was researching the internet about painting estimates. “How to estimate paint jobs?” I believe was what I was searching. Then I stumbled onto your Youtube videos.

Why did you get the course?

I wanted to have a plan and a strategy all in one. I know and understand business, but I don’t know the painting business. I’ve been in sales an in operations but I’m so interested in gaining knowledge about something before I dive into something and your course was an affordable way to do so.

Any concerns you had about the course before getting it?


What was your first impression when you got the course?

Pleased to see that there was everything that you had promised. Impressed with the layout and professionalism. I was excited to dive in and get started.

What have you accomplished since getting the course?

Well I simultaneously purchased the course while I was taking 60 hours of online training to obtain my Michigan Residential Builders License. I have plans (as you have stated) to offer other services. I want to be able to get into some building projects in the future. However, now that I finished my 60 hours of training and have applied for my builders license I’ve been able to get into your course. First let me say that I absolutely love the information and the way that you’ve presented it. I’ve listened to all of the audio files first and taken so many notes. I’m staying away from the troubleshooting for when and if I need it. The marketing and sales techniques are basic in the technical aspect but genius in a way that is difficult to describe. I’m super excited to immerse myself with these techniques and make them work. I’ve set my goals to get started and now I just need to hit it. I’m ready to get out and find my target markets and hit the pavement. I could definitely use some more help in this area if you would have a chance to call or email me that would be great. I’m wondering how many flyers I should print….how long it will take to canvas a certain area since I’ve not done door to door residential marketing before. When you print the maps do you try and give the marketers a route to follow? Things of that nature……

What is now possible or available for you?

I have the foundation to go out and gain my own experience and credibility. I’m able to confidently go out and make mistakes! I know that may sound funny but if you don’t try and fail then sometimes you don’t learn a damn thing. I know this isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to take hard work. That was something that I was extremely happy to discover when I dove into the course. This isn’t a get rich quick painting business scheme. This isn’t just a course….this is a business plan, knowledge base, strategy and it’s up to me to take ACTION!

Would you recommend PBP and why?

Definitely…..I think I will defer to my what is now possible for me answer!