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Steven Soto

Steven Soto

Already Owned A Business

"I started booking more jobs because of the course."

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Steven Soto/Steven’s Perfect Painting/New York City, NY

When did you get the course?

I got the course around March 2014.

What were you doing before you got Painting Business Pro?

I was running a painting business. I started my business in 2012 but I wasn’t doing that well because I had no idea. That’s why I bought the course and it gave me a better idea of how to have a system. Which made it easier for me because I have a job. I work full time. Gave me a system to delegate the work so I can run the business while still working my job.

Did you start a painting business? Or did you already have a painting business?

Already had one – a side business. Business is growing more now and I still working full time.

How did you find Painting Business Pro?

I found it on YouTube when I was looking for help and consulting for my painting business.

Why did you get the course?

Because it was so simple. The way you were talking was simple and the way you showed how to run it in your YouTube videos was simple. You are a good teacher.

Any concerns you had about the course before getting it?

No, I believed the course would be really helpful and it was.

What was your first impression when you got the course?

It was excellent. I was like wow I was happy. When I got the course it was really nice. The forms are really nice. I would recommend this to anybody to get this course. I would recommend this level of education for everybody to get it. It was honest, it was good, it was realistic.

What have you accomplished since getting the course?

It made a really big difference. I started booking more jobs because of the course in the beginning. I have a more clear minded and open minded way to run the business. My mind expanded and now I have a map and know exactly what I’m doing. It feels like being in random country, and then getting a map. I feel good.

What is now possible or available for you?

To keep growing my business, and quit my full time job. I really want to work for myself.

Would you recommend PBP and why?

Yes. It’s a really good course and really good education. Eric does a really good job teaching.