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Let Us Help You Enter the Big Leagues and Save You From  Expensive Lessons

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Go from Amateur to Expert and start scaling your commercial business.

How We Deliver Industry Leading Results


Small Group Kick Off Call

We launch 2 small coaching groups per month. On the kick off calls, we'll create a game plan to achieve your goals. Everything is tracked in your Master Business Plan which we'll help you build during your Kick Off Calls. You'll be set up with a simple, step-by-step plan to follow... That will produce incredible results for you and your business.
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...With The Painting Business Pro Systems

We have every step covered from where you are today to building a multi-million dollar company.

You’ll have 24/7 access to training videos and all of our business documentation for growing your company including marketing, estimating, sales, business planning, financial management, recruiting, training, managing your team, and even in person events and a full blown leadership development program.
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But Don't Stress - We'll Help You Every Step of the Way

Our member success team will check in every week to make sure you have all the support you need and know exactly what to do next, and if you don’t they know what to do.
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If You Have Questions, We've Got You Covered

We hold live group coaching calls every week for you to get your questions answered. Just submit your question, jump on the webinar, and we’ll work through your question... Can’t make it live? No problem, we’ll answer your question and you’ll get the recording within 24 hours.
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Unless We Answer It Faster!

You’ll also join our online Facebook community where you can get support from other members, ask questions daily, and get answers from our coaches and experts... Including live video responses, quick turnaround times, and answers to your most pressing business questions.

If You're Looking For The Premier Commercial Painting Program, Look No Further.

Matt’s Commercial Painting Company: Legacy Painting

Started his company in Residential. Decided to move to Commercial to get bigger jobs.
$900,000 in revenue per year..
Got all his business from 7 Commercial Customers.
$350,000 In Net Profit.
Runs the entire company with just 1 employee.

Example Commercial Job: HOA Fence

"Landed this job today. 3,200 linear feet of 8; tall fence in an HOA community. Wash and 2 coats solid color stain. 1 side this year. Opposite side next year. $24,000 job. Make 10k on it. Opposite side next year for the same price. This is the kind of Commercial Work that is easy and pays"

Ben Landusky: Condo Complex

$308,000 Job
$180,000 Profit
Took 8 Weeks

Gilbert Chen: Residential Townhome Community

$440,774 Job

Mike Ford: Kohls Department Store

$40,000 Job
$20,000 Profit
Took 5 Days

Matt Bopp: Commercial Office Building

$31,000 Job
$14,000 Profit
1 Week to Complete

Chad Smith: 6 Story Hotel

7 Location job booked under a single contract

Tom Iwema: Country Club

$45,000 Job
$15,000 Profit

Nick Okeefe: Shopping Center Crosswalks

$30,000 Job

Tai Aracen: Disney World

Won the Maintenance Contract

Evan Kieser: Merchandise Showroom

$6,500 Job
1730 S College Ave, Suite 305, Fort Collins, CO 80525