We’re Looking for the Perfect Fit

I believe the most successful partnership is one that is a perfect fit. In the past, the first step in our application process was to tell you all about how our partnership works…

  • Background and how we got started
  • What our partnership structure looks like and why
  • How we train you and support you with starting and growing the business
  • Future opportunities
  • And any other questions you have

You are the only person who can know if this is a perfect fit for you. And that is our number 1 criteria… If this isn’t the perfect fit for you, you aren’t the right fit for us.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have time to do 1-on-1’s with everyone who has applied.

Last year, I did about 100 phone calls with applicants. After doing 50 or so, every initial phone call went the same way – I was saying the same things.

The next few videos are going to be the equivalent of that first phone call. It’s about an hour worth of information, giving you all the details of how our partnership works, how we’ll train you, and what the future holds.

Please review the next few videos, and you’ll have an opportunity to apply once you learn more about this opportunity.

We’re very excited about it!

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