Painting Contractors: Ready to stop working so much?

We'll help you add $75,000 in profit per year... while working less guaranteed

Invest 3-5 hours a week into this program, and you'll build your company faster than you ever thought possible.


Hard work and long hours is not the only path to success.
You started a business to create freedom, yet so many business owners end up working even longer hours in pursuit of success.
We will show you how to accelerate your results without sacrificing your time, and put you on the fastest and most direct path to building your company.

Ready to learn and grow?

This is an exclusive program, and spots are limited.
Next cohort begins: 
June 19th

Does this sound like you?

You want to control your schedule and live life on your own terms.
You do great work, you work hard, you are ambitious.
You see the big opportunity that’s here - right in front of you.
And you’re willing to do what it takes.

Do these problems sound familiar?

You can’t find marketing that works and you’re sick of paying for overpriced, under-qualified leads from Angi and HomeAdvisor.
You constantly get undercut by low bidders, customers want cheaper prices, and you aren’t getting paid what you’re worth.
You can’t find good reliable painters to work for you, so you end up babysitting or picking up a brush and doing the work yourself.
You feel like you’re spinning your tires... Not growing as fast as you want to, or not growing at all.
You feel so damn close to making it happen, but you can’t quite figure it out.

Nobody wants to work 60, 70, or 80 hour weeks.

You started a business to work LESS.
But then somewhere along the line you started making compromises with yourself.
“I'll just put in a lot of hours now so I can really enjoy life later.”
"I can live with a moderate salary for now - at least I own my own business"
Or you've accepted the idea that sacrifices will have to be made in the early stages - it will get better later on.

These problems donʼt solve themselves.

We’ll help you fix these problems for good.
Quit compromising. Quit making concessions.

It’s time for you to build the life you dream of, and you’re closer than you think.

Jeff Sold $87,000
in 4 Days

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James Sold $50,000
in 1 Week

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Andrew Hit $160k
in His First 3 Months

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You Will Create Financial Freedom

Your dream life is closer than you think, and you’ll unlock profit in your business that’s right in front of you…
And create the foundation to keep building.


You Will Create Freedom, Own Your Time, Own Your Schedule

Sacrifice is optional. You can build a wildly successful business while maintaining a healthy work and life balance along the way.
We’ll help you put a team in place to completely remove you from the day to day of your business so you have the true freedom to do what you want to do.


You Will Become a Powerful Business Leader

You’ll learn how to produce amazing results and make it look easy… Your friends will wonder how you do it.
You will develop the skills to be an expert business builder, operator, and leader.
You will own your life, for the rest of your life, and learn how to make an impact wherever you go.


You Will Build a Company Youʼre Proud Of - A Company People LOVE

The secret to success is to serve your people better than anyone else, including you and your family.
This is how you build a lasting company, build something you're proud of, and truly differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Weʼll show you how.

Chris Sold $130,000
in His First 60 Days

Blue ArrowBlue ArrowAn image of a testimonial

Brian Sold $60k
in His First 5 Weeks

Blue ArrowBlue ArrowAn image of a testimonial

Justin Sold $260k
in his First 5 Months in Business

Blue ArrowPBP Gripka Testimonial - 250k in first 5 months - testimonial


You’re only a few small tweaks away from big results.
Each step you take will bring you big results in your business, and it can happen fast.
These proven frameworks will help you take your business to the next level.



With no business background, you’ll create a rock solid business plan in no time. You’ll know your numbers inside and out, and have a clear path to building the business of your dreams.
You’ll gain clarity, certainty, and confidence immediately once you know and see the path forward.



We’ll give you you the 4 Marketing Strategies that drive over $10,000,000 in business for our companies… And how to implement them in your own company.
Plus, how to make almost any marketing strategy work and the biggest marketing mistake most contractors make that costs tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in lost profit.
You’ll be able to easily generate all the customers you need to achieve your goals.


Estimating That Scales

You’ll get done-for-you, easy-to-implement estimating systems (including integrations with popular softwares) to get the right price every time.
Systems scale, know-how doesn’t.
You’ll have confidence in you and your team to get accurate, profitable prices every time.


Win Clients at Premium Prices

The most successful businesses don’t compete on price, and you shouldn't either.
We’ll help you get paid what you’re worth without feeling like a “salesperson”.
You’ll make more money per job, win more bids, be able to hire better people, and deliver a great product to your customers.


Find Great Crews and Stop Babysitting

We’ll show you how to find great crews you can trust who deliver for your customers.
You're a business owner, not a babysitter.
You’ll never have to worry about ‘finding help’ again… You will know how to scale your labor force as big as you need it to be.


Build a Team of A Players

“Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”
Building a life-changing business means building a team around you, and removing yourself from all day-to-day operations.
You’ll recruit amazing people you love to work with, have more fun in business with a team, and become a powerful business leader.


“What About X, Y, and Z?”

We’ve coached thousands of painting contractors for the last 17 years, and built dozens of painting companies ourselves into the 8 figures.
From a brand new start up to a multi million dollar operation, you’ll be able to get answers to your questions every step of the way.
We’ve heard it all, we’ve done it all, and we’ve got you covered.

Steven Sold $30k on a
$50 Facebook Ad

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Jack Closed a $54,000 Residential Paint Job

Blue ArrowAn image of a testimonial

Jalal Immediately doubled His Sales

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How it works

We got your back, and we’ll make this as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ll work with you to create a personalized business plan and strategy for accomplishing your biggest business goals. You’ll know exactly what steps to take, and in what order. You’ll see the entire path from A-Z.
We’ll hand you proven frameworks and easy-to-implement systems one step at a time.
When you have questions or need help, we’re here.


This is an exclusive, hands on program so we limit how many people we work with at once (we only have so many hours in the day).
We launch a new cohort each month but they fill up quickly.
On your first call, we’ll let you know the next available spots and when you could start.
Eric Unbox Home

About Eric

I’ve been coaching painting contractors for 17 Years
I’ve worked with hundreds of people 1on1, thousands in my programs, and tens of thousands through my free content
I currently operate 7 painting companies with over $17,000,000 in annual revenue
My companies range from startups that are 6 months old to $7M+ per year at our flagship location
I teach people how to build a wildly successful business while keeping a thriving personal life - no sacrifice required!
I practice what I preach and don’t work more than 30 hours per week across all of my companies, and I’ll teach you how to do the same
This is why our program has limited spots - because my time, and my team’s time is limited

Endorsed by industry experts

Hear from our members about their experience
with the flagship program at Painting Business Pro

Why do I do this?

I started Painting Business Pro in 2013 to help people start a painting business. I simply wanted to learn how to do business online. I had no expectations.

Over the years it has grown significantly - beyond what I ever could have expected.

And in 2021 I almost shut it down to focus exclusively on National Painting Group where we are building a portfolio of multi-million dollar painting companies.

But then I started looking through some of the stories from our members. The impact Painting Business Pro has made on people is undeniable, life changing, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop doing this work.

Instead, we decided to double down on the work we’re doing at Painting Business Pro and take it to the next level... I really love what I do, I’ve spent 17 years coaching people, I’m damn good at it, it makes an enormous impact on people, and that’s why I do what I do.

We’re doing this to make an enormous impact on the lives of people in this industry from business owners to team members to customers to painters and subcontractors.
Hear from our members about their experience
with the flagship program at Painting Business Pro

Results from our members

“Did $2.5M at 50% Gross Profit”

An image of a testimonial

“Sold $113k in One Week”

An image of a testimonial

"Did $1M in 1st Year in Business"

Big Win First Year - testimonial

“His Estimator Sold $100k in 1 Week”

An image of a testimonial

“$250k in 1st 5 Months”

An image of a testimonial

“Sold $50k worth of jobs”

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We Guarantee Youʼll Add $75,000 in Profit Per Year to Your Business, and Youʼll Do It Without Working More

... But the real intention of this program is that you’ll build a million or multi-million dollar painting company with a team who runs the day to day, and that takes more than 1 year.

We make building your dream company and creating freedom simple, one step at a time.

This program isn’t for everyone and if it’s not a good fit for you, we’ll let you know.
But for the right business owner, this is the last program you’ll ever need to achieve all of the goals you have in your painting business.
Spots are limited in our monthly cohorts and we’re booking out.

Donʼt wait. Apply today.

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