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We guarantee a 5x return on your investment in 6 months, or your money back.

An A-Z guide for anyone to build a multimillion dollar painting business.

Just like there’s a proven formula to get fit - workout + eat healthy - Painting Business Pro is the trusted formula to grow your painting business.
I’ve Built a $10MM+ Painting Business and Teach What I’ve Learned.
Get further, faster with the Painting Business Pro training program and mentorship.

I help people create freedom through business. Go from “owning a job” to “owning a business”.

Learn how to live a balanced life while you rapidly grow your business.

Painting Business Pro covers industry-specific content for people just beginning and those looking to grow.

The course is packed. Here are just a few of the hundreds of topics covered:
Copy & paste templates. 100+ done-for-you, ready to-go-systems.
How to build a team of “A” players so you can get out of the business and back into your life.
Detailed estimating training, spreadsheets, and software integrations for accurate, competitive, and profitable prices.
Business planning, business strategy, and financial organization to be a powerful business leader.
How to attract the top 1% of talent from the labor pool and overcome the "labor shortage.”
How to make your phone ring off the hook and get all the customers you’ll ever need.
Create an irresistible offer to attract and win your ideal clients who are happy to pay your prices.
How to build your dream company without sacrificing your personal life or time with family.


Founder of Painting Business Pro.
I’ve been in the painting business since college. I grew my first painting company to $3MM in 6 years and now have a $10MM+ painting business.

Painting Business Pro is the A-Z guide for how I built my company and has been used by thousands of others.

I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to achieve freedom in their lives to do more of what matters most to them. I’m excited you’re here and can’t wait to meet you.
Hear from our members about their experience
with the flagship program at Painting Business Pro

This is what I wish I had when I started.

No B.S. No fluff. A-Z business coaching covering everything from fundamentals to new, cutting-edge strategies from the field. Plus support and coaching. You’re never alone.
Painting Business Pro


Businesses $0 - $750k in revenue and ready to grow.

This Program Includes:
A step-by-step game plan to go from where you are to $2M+ in annual revenue, or anything in between.
High level business training to create and design your dream business and create true freedom.
A business plan, strategy and roadmap to create a highly profitable business.
Proven marketing and sales practices to win more jobs, command higher prices, and earn more profit.
Processes to deliver on your promises to customers with professional and reliable crews. No babysitting required.
Weekly coaching webinars, a moderated community for day to day questions, and a member success manager. You’re never alone.
Instant access to all course materials. Self paced. Weekly webinars.
Painting Business Pro


Businesses $300k+ in revenue with a strong foundation.

This Program Includes:
Commercial painting market analysis and breakdown, risks to avoid, and where the big opportunities are.
Positioning yourself as a commercial painting contractor, generating leads, and marketing for large projects.
Commercial sales training and how to build relationships with customers who have a never-ending stream of projects.
Protect yourself by identifying and avoiding risks, building rock solid contracts, and negotiating payment terms.
Project management processes to maximize efficiency, profitability, and keep your customers happy.
This is an exhaustive training program with training videos and over 250+ pages of processes and documentation.
This is a self-paced program with 2 monthly coaching webinars with commercial painting consultants.
Lifetime access to all current and future course materials and the coaching webinars.

Top industry experts endorse painting business pro

Need help estimating?

Get access to a professional estimating system and estimating training program for painting contractors.


An Interior Estimating Sheet, Exterior Estimating Sheet, and Commercial Estimating Sheet…
Use these estimating sheets to get your prices perfect every time in less than 15 minutes…
Automatically generate work orders for your crews…
Training videos to teach you how to use each sheet…
We’ll teach you how to adjust prices for your market…
You can be using these sheets to bid a job by this afternoon…
Plus a lot more…

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These free guides and templates pay for the program on their own.



Painting Business Pro
Downloaded by over 40,000 painting contractors. Standardized best practices to earn 10-50% more profit per job.


Save on attorney fees
The simple contract we used to sell millions in residential paint jobs. Add professionalism, protect yourself, save time, and make more money.


Introductory Training
If you’re a residential painting contractor, adding commercial painting is a no brainer and we’ll show you how to do it in this free mini training.



Your first steps to get started.
Playbook to set you up for success from Day One including everything you need to set up your business, get your first customers, and earn profit quickly.

Hear Why Our Members Love PBP

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Don’t see your question here?
Reach out and we’ll give you an answer within 24 hours.
When would I even have time to do this program?
That’s the first thing we will help you with. You’re not alone! We have trainings specifically built to help people ‘get out of the vicious cycle’. We will help you reclaim your time without loss of income in a matter of weeks.
Do you have a payment plan?
We have payment plans available to make this accessible to anyone.
If I’m struggling is there support or someone I can call?
We have a weekly coaching call to answer all of your questions and an online community with amazing coaches, leaders and business owners. We always have your back, and you will get answers to all questions that come up to accomplish your goals and go beyond them.
Is it worth the investment?
We have been coaching painting contractors for a decade at Painting Business Pro and have hundreds of success stories. For people who follow and use our program, the results speak for themselves. If you’re on the fence, contact us and let’s chat!
Is the course and program up-to-date?
Everything in the program is up-to-date and constantly being updated, added to and expanded on. Every weekly call is added for new content (24 hours of content is added annually just from those videos alone). New updates and lessons are added every month. Updates to the program are based on what we have learned and mistakes we make in our own $10MM company, and based on feedback and questions from members.

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Downloaded by over 40,000. Earn 10-50% more profit/job


Painting Business Pro

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Estimating Guide

The contract we used to sell millions in residential paint jobs.

Project Contract

Save on attorney fees

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Project Contract

Earn profit quickly.
Your startup checklist.

Startup Checklist

Your first steps to get started.

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Startup Checklist

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Commercial Painting

Introductory Training

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Intro to Commercial Painting Training

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