Bigger Jobs.
More Freedom.

Confidently win and deliver on commercial jobs. Decrease risk with coaching & templates from people who’ve done it.

Comprehensive guide and mentorship

Transition to a commercial painting business or take your existing company to the next level.

Get it right the first time.
This is what we wish we knew when were just getting started.

Painting Business Pro Commercial

helps you confidently work with contractros, win large jobs, and protect yourself.

There are thousands of topics and 30 hours of video with content added monthly. These are just a few topics:
In-depth estimating trainings so you can bid accurate, competitive jobs using blueprints.
How to land and negotiate 6-figure contracts with high profit margins and great payment terms.
Contract templates including terms, conditions, and how to protect yourself and your customers.
What "non-negotiated" work is and why you should never bid on these types of jobs for GCs.
How to screen potential jobs and customers to avoid risks and only bid on profitable work.
How to build your company into the multi-millions without sacrificing your personal life or time with family.
How to build a base of customers that you'll do business with over and over again for many years to come.

Hi there!
I’m Scott.

The Co-Creator of the PBP Commercial Course
I have over 30 years of experience in the commercial painting industry. This is the only course that provides a playbook for how to win and deliver on commercial painting jobs. I specialize in helping companies $300k and up scale quickly with commercial projects. I'm passionate about helping painting contractors and improving our industry.
Hear from our members.
How Painting Business Pro Commercial was a game changer.

This is how we grew our commercial businesses.

If you just want to make $100k/year with less stress or
if you want to grow a huge business, this is for you.
Painting Business Pro


Businesses $300k+ in revenue with a strong foundation.

This Program Includes:
A step-by-step game plan to grow annual revenue significantly.
A playbook for how to set yourself up for success and avoid expensive mistakes.
Step-by-step guide for how to sell profitable commercial jobs.
Best practices to create an experience customers and employees/contractors love.
Processes & templates to save you time and get you further faster.

All commercial isn't created equal.

We help you create the best lifestyle based on what we wish we knew when we started.

Know which commercial projects are more profitable - and how to get paid upfront and along the way.
Create a sales process focused on building relationships with fast sales cycles and no competition, no more open market bids.
How to identify red flags early so you only accept projects with good long-term clients.
And so much more!

Top industry experts endorse painting business pro

Matt made $300k in net profit in 1 year with only 7 customers, we'll show you how.

Here’s a few recent jobs our commercial members have gotten...

Ben Landusky: Condo Complex

$308,000 Job
$180,000 Profit
Took 8 Weeks

Tom Iwema: Country Club

$45,000 Job
$15,000 Profit

Gilbert Chen: Residential Townhome Community

$440,774 Job

Matt Bopp: Commercial Office Building

$31,000 Job
$14,000 Profit
1 Week to Complete

Nick Okeefe: Shopping Center Crosswalks

$30,000 Job

Tai Aracen: Disney World

Won the Maintenance Contract

Evan Kieser: Merchandise Showroom

$6,500 Job

Chad Smith: 6 Story Hotel

7 Location job booked under a single contract

Mike Ford: Kohls Department Store

$40,000 Job
$20,000 Profit
Took 5 Days

Get all your questions answered.

Don’t see your question here?
Reach out and we’ll give you an answer within 24 hours.
Can anyone learn this?
If you can do residential, you can do commercial. You just need the right playbook and processes to follow. Because unlike residential, commercial is less forgiving of beginner mistakes. But you can de-risk getting into commercial by having coaching, copy-and-paste templates and so much more from people who have built multi-million dollar commercial businesses.
How much money do I need to start?
Nothing. I’ll help you find jobs that pay you upfront and pay you along the way. Fewer projects, more money, less stress, more freedom.
How soon will I get a return?
I want to be honest with you that it depends on how you apply the program. But most members make a strong profit on the program fee within a few months. If you’re committed to achieving that, we’ve got a full team of coaches ready on demand in the FB group to help you every step of the way. You’re not alone. There are bi-monthly coaching calls, on demand access to the FB groups, and free 30-, 60- and 90-day check-in calls to answer all your questions.

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