There are a lot of marketing services and in this video I review a few of them. This is just a small introduction to marketing and the basics of marketing you painting company.

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I have a word of caution about marketing. One of the biggest mistakes I see painters making is judging a marketing service poorly when the problem isn’t marketing… it’s their sales process.

If I give you 10 leads but you can’t close any jobs, that’s because you need to improve your sales process. Keep that in mind as you begin testing out new marketing channels. With a great sales process, you can make almost any marketing work.

If you suck at sales, it’s going to hard for you to find any marketing services that work. In Marketing 101, we talked about how to determine if marketing is effective. It’s effective if you spend less than 10% on marketing. So if you spend $1,000 on marketing, and you get more than $10,000 of work – it’s effective.

BUT, I can give one painter $1,000 of marketing services and he can turn it into $20,000. I can give another painter the exact same $1,000 of marketing services and he might not even book a job.

So is the marketing service ineffective? Or is the salesmanship ineffective?

Obviously it’s not the marketing… both companies got the same leads. But one company way outperformed the other company. This is why sales is so important in the painting business. You need to have a professional sales process if you want to succeed.

The good news? If you can perfect a good sales process, almost ANY marketing services will work. And there are a TON of marketing services out there for you to try.

So before you go spending tons of money on marketing, you might want to brush up on your sales process. If you don’t want to learn it all yourself, you can get our exact sales process and scripts when you buy Painting Business Pro – just a small part of the entire course.

No marketing will work with bad sales. Almost any marketing will work with good sales. Start with sales.


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