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Painting Business Systems

Main benefits of creating business systems

Eric Barstow
Published Date: 06/11/2019

This short video talks about the importance of systems.

Main benefits of creating business systems:

  1. They can be constantly improved. If you don’t have a system to improve, it makes it much more difficult to improve your results.
  2. Training employees is very difficult without a system, and very easy with a system.
  3. Growing your business exponentially can’t happen without a system… it could, but it’d be chaotic.
  4. Largest companies in the world – all have detailed systems and protocols for every single thing that can happen.

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You can start to get a glimpse thru my articles and videos of the detailed system we have. Here are just some things we have created systems for in our business….

  1. Training process for new sales reps
  2. Initial phone call to schedule estimates
  3. Estimate process itself
  4. How to come up with pricing
  5. Discounts to offer different times of the year
  6. How to test marketing
  7. Tracking results
  8. How to do an effective meeting with a sales rep
  9. Prewritten ads for hiring marketers, sales reps, production managers, sub-contractors
  10. Scripts for phone calls for hiring
  11. Interview scripts for hiring
  12. How to deal with problems on jobs
  13. How to launch a new business
  14. How to be effective with different types of marketing
  15. Scripts for each phone call to a new client
  16. What to do when a job is bid too low
  17. How to start a new territory
  18. And more and more and more…. Everything is a system for us, and we are constantly improving all of our systems.

You can actually get all of our business systems, pre-packaged… including a detailed explanation from me about every one of our systems. Learn more about Painting Business Pro for what you need to start a painting business.

Or, ask me a question in the comments. What systems do you need to make for your business?


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