In this video I’ll walk you thru exactly how we set up painting estimates. This video is a little old, and we have made changes to our script since then. I recommend that you always keep improving your systems, just like we do.

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Why is the first phone call to set up painting estimates so important?

  • It’s your first impression with the customer.
  • It’s your first opportunity to set yourself apart from other painting contractors.
  • You have an opportunity to set up a detailed estimate, where you can further differentiate yourself from the competition
  • You can find out what is important to them, what they need, what they want… so you can deliver that for them!
  • You can find out more about the job, to make sure it’s worth your time.

Be detailed on your first call. Find out what they need and what they are looking for painting estimates to begin with. Your job on this phone call is to give your customer a great experience.

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