Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets With Picture Examples

You can tack on even more when we take into consideration things like paint quality and cabinet design. If you’re looking for a full price breakdown, keep on reading! Click here for more information on interior painting costs. >> Click here to download our estimating forms, formulas, and guides for residential interior and exterior painting […]

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Estimating a House Exterior

Estimating is a big concern of everyone that opens their own painting business. And that’s understandable. Get it too low, and you lose money on a job. Get it too high, and you lose a sale. For some, it can be tempting to use price as a bargaining chip with their customer, especially if price […]

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Pictures & Examples | 2021 Interior House Painting Costs

Interior House Painting Costs We are professional painting contractors who coach and train other professional painting contractors. Thousands of contractors around the country use the same standardized formulas for estimating the costs of interior painting. Estimating costs is a science, not an art. What We’ll Cover in This Article: How Much Interior Painting Costs By […]

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Best Deck Stain - 2021

Decks need to be restained every couple of years. They take a heavy beating from the weather and deal with heavy foot traffic. When choosing a stain for your deck, you don’t want to go cheap.  To find out the best deck stains, we surveyed our entire network of painting contractors. For more information on […]

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What Do I Need to Start My Own Painting Company?

What Do I Need To Start My Own Painting Company? Most people who visit this site want answers to the very simple question: What do I need to start my own painting company or even why start a painting company? Do you want to start your own painting company? Click Here to Get Your Business […]

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How to Bid or Estimate Residential Paint Jobs

Get A Painting Estimate Template Many painting contractors are concerned about estimating, and rightly so. You don’t want to overcharge your customers and estimate the cost of the paint job too high, but you also don’t want to underestimate the job and not make any money… or even worse, lose money. In this article, we […]

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If you are starting a painting business, run a painting business, or have any home service business, you’ve probably heard of HomeAdvisor Pro.  HomeAdvisor promises to provide contractors with leads and a great way to build your business. They promise homeowners background checked contractors to bid on their project.  BEWARE. If you haven’t ever used […]

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Cost to Paint a Ceiling 2021- How Much is too Much?

Cost to Paint A Ceiling If you’re here looking for the labor cost to paint a ceiling in 2019, the industry reported averages are $195 including labor and 1 gallon of ceiling paint. If you’re interested in a full breakdown of that number, along with how it can vary, keep reading or find out more […]

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Home interior - How Much Does it Cost to Paint?

Interior Painting Costs Looking to revitalize your home interior? One of the simplest and most profound ways to transform how a room feels is to change the color – best part is, it can be done in a weekend! But it’s easy to forget little details about painting rooms, especially if you keep a day […]

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Free Painting Leads: How to Get Your First Jobs for Free

I want to show you how to get free painting leads. But before we go over that, I wanted to share what makes being an entrepreneur so amazing. I love being an entrepreneur because I create my own income. Do you want to start your own painting company? Click Here to Get Your Business Startup […]

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